Overweight cat slims down in a bid to find a home in time for Christmas

Snuggles weighed an unbelievable 7.01kg when she was rescued by the RSPCA but is now looking for love in time for the Christmas holidays after shedding an impressive amount of weight

An overweight cat is hoping to find the perfect home in the run up to Christmas after shedding the fat in the hope of finding her forever family.

Snuggles weighed an unbelievable 7.01kg when she was rescued by the RSPCA, having been an indoor-only cat and overeating due to lack of stimulation.

Her growing waistline meant she weighs almost double what is healthy for a cat of her size and was put on a strict diet and exercise regime.

Since being taken in by the Middlesex North West and South Hertfordshire branch, the five-year-old moggie has shed an impressive amount of weight and now comes in at a svelte 5.31kg – very close to her target.

Now she’s dreaming of a new home, although there are some strict requirements for what she will need to keep up her new lifestyle up.

If you’re thinking of adding her to the family she would need somewhere which has a garden and a cat flap to ensure she doesn’t fall into old habits once again.

A patient owner would also be needed, as Snuggles is a bit a grumpy tenant, who isn’t used to human affection and takes a while to warm to people.

Tracy Deamer, animal welfare officer at the branch, said: “Snuggles’ new year resolution is to become fitter and shed the last bit of weight.

“She is therefore looking for a home with a garden where she can go outside and get some much-needed exercise and is looking for someone who can continue her diet.

“Snuggles was an indoor-only cat in her previous home and sadly this caused some behavioural issues.

“She is very scared of humans and does not like to be handled. We believe she may have been overeating due to a lack of stimulation inside the home.

“We’d love to see her rehomed to a home with a cat flap where she can run outside every day!”

She would also need a lot of entertainment to prevent her from looking to food as a source of something to do.